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To celebrate today’s holiday, Princess Day, author Kirstin Pulioff is guest blogging about her love of princesses. To connect with Kirstin, please visit her website, You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Kirstin is the author of the Princess Madeline trilogy, making her a perfect guest blogger for today's topic.

Kirstin is the author of the Princess Madeline trilogy, making her a perfect guest blogger for today’s topic!

I am honored to be writing today on NATIONAL PRINCESS DAY!!!!!  There couldn’t be a more perfect day for me to post… except maybe Bon Jovi appreciation day, but I don’t think Kimberly would let me.    ;)

Princesses are wonderful. The epitome of beauty, elegance, and leadership, princesses are irreplaceable in literature. In the past, they have been portrayed as the damsel in distress or face to inspire a nation. Times have changed though, and today more empowered princess tales are being written. In newer stories, princesses are no longer content sitting in the corner with embroidery. And if they are, take a closer look at their knitting needles, they may be sharpened weapons.

This princess empowerment change has taken place in books, movies, and all creative outlets. Instead of the sweet Snow White, eagerly cleaning for the dwarves or blissfully spending the day singing at a wishing well, we’re shown a take charge royal who doesn’t need a man, doesn’t need to be rescued, and can plan her own destiny.

No matter how much our interpretation of princesses and royalty change, I believe they will always be important figures in literature.

Here are just a couple of famous princesses from recent history (I secretly love that we still have real princesses):

Princess Grace of Monocco, otherwise known as movie star Grace Kelly, went from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty. She is a story of real life dreams coming true.

Princess Diana is known as the people’s princess. Devoting her life to her sons and charitable foundations, she has left a legacy of giving back.

Fictional princesses have also left lasting impressions on us. Here are just a couple:

Cinderella has been adapted into hundreds of tales and movies. As a symbol of triumphing over oppression, Cinderella has helped inspire millions to overcome living in unfortunate circumstances.

Princess Leia has captured the hearts of children and adults. Her no nonsense approach to thwarting the Empire and Dark Side showed girls that princesses can be just as involved in the action as any man.

And my favorite princess… Princess Madeline.

Princess Madeline is the heroine in my middle grade fantasy adventure series. She embodies the fun of a traditional fairytale with a modern twist. Taking control of her life comes with adventures she never anticipated.

Princess Madeline is available here:

The Escape of Princess Madeline

The Battle for Princess Madeline

The Dragon and Princess Madeline

The Princess Madeline Trilogy

Thank you, Kimberly, for letting me post on Princess Day, and share some of my favorites with you. Let me know… Who’s your favorite princess?

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