Reviews are coming in

So far, people report that they like Oh Brother!: A Nico and Tugger Tale!

My aunt works at an after-school program, and she kindly took copies of my book’s proof (before it was published) to read to the kids. According to her, it was a success with the children and the staff alike! What great news to hear! My friend also showed the proof to two of her children (who are 5 and 8); they said the liked it too and even had a conversation with us about their favorite parts of the book and the moral of the story. After it was published, one of her daughters was inspired to draw the cover (her version of it, which was awesome!) and asked to bring it to school to show her class.

Also after it was released, other good friends showed great support and purchased the book. (Thank you!) My friend read it to her son, who is 3 ½ years old. He enjoyed it so much that he wanted to sleep with it! And after she read it, I was invited to read to her kindergarten class. Another friend reported that his daughter wanted it read a few times and has requested to meet Nico, Tugger, and me. And yet another friend gave it to her 2-year-old, who now calls it his “puppy book”.

And what has the most important and impartial critic said? My mom loves it! OK, I get that my mom is not the most impartial, but her opinion still counts, right?

Who needs “professional” reviews when my targeted audience seems to be enjoying the book?! Obviously, I hope that the reviews continue to be positive. I think it’s a good book with a good story that children can relate to. I hope that if you’re inspired to get it, you will enjoy it too. It is something that was written from my heart—hopefully that comes through to anyone who reads it. I also hope that Nico and Tugger will become so dear to you that I will be able to continue their stories with a series of their adventures or/or mishaps.

So, until next time…

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