Meet Nico & Tugger

NicoNico and Tugger Collage
A cocker spaniel and poodle mix am I.
Every time I’m in the car I cry.
If I get reprimanded I grumble,
Sometimes loudly, sometimes as a mumble.

I like my ears and belly to be rubbed,
But dislike bathtime in the tub.
I wag my tail if Mommy looks at me,
But I don’t think she gives enough treats.

In our house also is my brother, Tugger.
I love him, even when he’s a bugger.
I let him think he’s got the top spot,
But does he really? He does not.

I have owned and loved Mom for twelve-plus years.
Anything but her singing is music to my ears.
I know I am quite the lucky pup.
This is a life I’d never give up!

A cocker spaniel and poodle mix am I.
At seven years old, I am quite the cute guy.
I am always ready to give a kiss.
For me, showing my love is pure bliss.

I always try to be at Mommy’s side or feet.
When I am, life is oh-so sweet!
Call anything out and I will run–
Even if it’s not my name I will come!

And if your eyes make contact with mine
Please know I’ll think it’s belly-rub time.
I always walk when I go “number two”
And enjoy finding used tissues to chew.

I have a brother Nico–he’s the best!
With all the love in my life I know I am blessed!
Sometimes I’m “top dog”–sometimes I’m not,
But no matter what, I’m in a great spot!