Halloween costumes for pets

I just read an article that says Americans will spend about $370 million on pet costumes for Halloween this year. And this number is up 19% from last year’s spending!

To be honest, I don’t even know what to say/feel about this. My dogs have never bitten anyone, but if I tried to put a costume on them, they just might decide to go for that first taste of skin.

I don’t think Nico has gotten over me putting him in a onesie to keep him from biting stitches out after a minor procedure. Have you ever seen a 27-pound dog wearing a difficult-to-find size 24-month onesie (along with the Elizabethan collar to ensure he didn’t get his stitches out for a third time)?! After he graduated from the onesie he wore one of my Bon Jovi t-shirts. While that helped cement him as one of the coolest dogs on the block, he does not take too well to having anything on him, even a blanket. Tugger just follows Nico’s lead and fights whatever Nico fights and gives in to anything that Nico allows (other than playing peek-a-boo—that is something Tug just hasn’t yet agreed to).

Looking at pictures of animals in costume makes me wonder—do our pets realize what we are doing to them and do they actually like it? If my dogs could talk (and Nico is pretty close with his grumbling), I cannot imagine they would ask me to dress them like a hot dog or cat. Maybe they would agree to be a plumber complete with plumber’s crack (I’d like to think they have some sense of humor.)

With that being said, some of the costumes are really funny. But what makes the costumes more enjoyable—seeing the animals dressed as something or the looks on their faces when they are? And does dressing our animals say something about us?

I probably should have prefaced this post by saying I don’t enjoy Halloween. I have some childhood memories of the “holiday” that aren’t too fond, so it’s no wonder I may not be on the bandwagon to dress my dogs in costumes as I don’t even want to wear any. But what do you think about animals in costumes?

So, until next time…

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