A Month of Thanks (Part 2)

When you sit back and think of what you have to be thankful for, it can be overwhelming because there is so much every day to see as a blessing, no matter how big or small. Like so many others, I continue to have much to appreciate.

November 8—I am thankful that I have been given more opportunities to read to children and present Oh Brother!: A Nico and Tugger Tale to them. Many wonderful people in my life are helping me get these chances. Thank you!

November 9—I am grateful that my parents taught me the importance of working hard for something. Now that I am older I can appreciate that lesson fully.

November 10—I am grateful for rhyming dictionaries. When you write a book that rhymes, one comes in handy.

November 11—I am grateful to the men and women who have served or who have served for our country’s freedom. These men (including my dad, grandfathers, and uncles) and women are true heroes.

November 12—I am grateful to have been raised by a strong woman, who set an example for my sister and me. Sure, we poke fun at my mom at times (OK, a lot of times), but we love her for who she is and all that she does.

November 13—I am grateful for the kind word or smile, especially those on a day when I am down.

November 14—I am grateful for two dogs that amuse me on a daily basis. As my dad says, they are my “bread and butter” now, but they are much more than that to me. Sometimes a lick on the face is all it takes to turn a bad mood into a good one. When they puke on carpeting I am not as amused with them, though.

Are you using this time of year to think about all for which you have to give thanks?

So, until next time…

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