Wandy Hoh Discusses MeeGenius

Today I am excited to bring you a blog written by guest Wandy Hoh. Wandy is a founder of MeeGenius, a virtual store for enhanced children’s books. Available as a website; an application created for the Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch; as well as Google TV and the Google Chrome Web Store, MeeGenius offers a selection of classic children’s stories – both old and new – and enhances them with technology, with features such as word highlighting, audio playback, and personalization.

MeeGenius was formed in 2010 from what its founders saw as a need in the marketplace for a better kids’ digital book product. With a focus on the app environment, the company was one of Apple’s first apps for the iPad, launching on the same day that tablet device hit the marketplace. Since that time, the company has expanded its offerings from iOS to Android, Windows 8, Amazon, Nook, and web.

In Wandy’s Words
It’s hard to believe my oldest daughter, Sophia, is turning nine years old in less than a month. When I founded MeeGenius, she was not yet four (the same age as my youngest child today). I still remember when Sophia was prototyping MeeGenius as a little one; these days, she reads everything under the sun, from Harry Potter to Wonder! She is truly a voracious reader, easily spending multiple hours on a weekend curled up with the latest book. I literally have to force her to put her book down to go to sleep at night. And guess what? She still uses MeeGenius when she wants “storytime”!

I believe that MeeGenius helped make her the book lover she is today. By having instant access to a book anywhere and anytime, she learned that reading was a habitual treat. And today she gives credit to the strength of that habit – reading anywhere and anytime. That was my mission from day one – to turn children into book lovers, starting from the time when they can barely talk. Her younger sisters are the same way, and I couldn’t be happier. I hear the same story from other avid users of MeeGenius and it couldn’t make me more excited.

MeeGenius was created because I want children everywhere to enjoy as many books as often as possible, no matter where they are. I want them to fall in LOVE with reading. To me, a book is a book no matter how it’s presented, whether it’s printed on paper or viewed on an electronic device. When I began MeeGenius, I started thinking of “magic formulas” to get kids reading. It was clear to me that kids LOVED electronic devices – phones, tablets, laptops, computers…I have not yet encountered an electronic device that a child didn’t gravitate towards immediately. Put books on these devices they love so much, I thought, and – viola! you have a child that loves reading. Add the convenience of having hundreds of books at your fingertips, narrators with beautiful voices telling the stories, and word-highlighting – and it’s the perfect package in one little app. MeeGenius is the brainchild of a mother who wants children to love reading…and wants to make that easy for both parents and kids.

Today, what inspires me most is the consistently positive feedback I hear from teachers and parents. Research increasingly shows that children are more successful in school if they are exposed to more words via reading daily at an early age. Teachers and parents constantly tell us how MeeGenius plays a vital role in encouraging kids to develop a strong reading habit. Most importantly, they tell us just how much children love using MeeGenius. We hear that kids grow up to love reading through it, that it removes any thought of reading as a “chore”. To me, that’s the biggest win of all. That always makes my day – seeing the same love of reading that my own nine year-old has, ingrained in each and every child.

Wandy and I would love to hear how your child enjoys MeeGenius or why you would consider using it. Please post your comments below. We look forward to reading them!