Review of My Wish For You by Amy Misakonis

Once again, Abby and I excited to be part of a book review and more of an Amy Misakonis book–this time for the book birthday bash for My Wish For You.

About My Wish For You

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My Wish For You is a collection of hopes and dreams that each parent holds for their child. The best of the best, but above all the rest, what a mommy and daddy really wish, is for their child to be happy with who they are. That’s the greatest wish by far. However you wish, a dandelion or clover, you’ll wish for your baby over and over. Search the sky for a star, or drop a coin in a well, these wishes are wished for your little angel. Close your eyes tight, wish with all your might! Each one will come true, just as it’s supposed to…

Title: My Wish For You
Expected Release: June 4, 2013
Author: Amy Misakonis
Illustrator: Taryn Dufault
ISBN-13: 9780615798813

Our review

Once again, Amy Misakonis has delivered a beautiful book for parents and children with My Wish For You. The message of this book, that parents wish for so many things for their children, but especially just for them to be themselves, is timeless. So many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.,  will relate to this book. I believe it will help children understand that is OK to be who they are and they will be loved for that. And like Amy’s first book, The Best Place For Me, the illustrations are beautiful and imaginative.

Here is what Abby had to say about Amy’s new book: “My Wish For You was a well-written book. I thought the illustrations were stupendous! One of my favorite illustrations was the picture of the tortoise and the hare. I really liked all the similies. I thought the illustrator’s work was very good. If I had this book I would read it to my brother. I would love to read this book again. Overall I really enjoyed this book.”

My Wish For You Book Trailer:

About Amy Misakonis

Amy lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her one year old son. He has been the inspiration for all of her books, including The Best Place For Me, which released earlier this year. Each of Amy’s stories expresses in words and playful images all of the important things that parents want their babies to know: how much parents love them, and how very important they are. Learn more about Amy Misakonis on, or connect with her on and


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