Ensure, Insure, Assure

No matter how much I read about them, there are some grammar rules I don’t think I will ever get, such as when to use “compared to” versus “compared with.” I get hung up on those every time I need to use them, and I pray whoever is reading what I just wrote is not a grammar expert because I pretty much wing it with those. I know a lot of people who have difficulty with the use of the words ensure, insure, and assure, so I thought I’d let you know what The Gregg Reference Manual (the tribute and 11th edition) says about them.

Ensure means “to make certain.”

Insure means “to protect against loss.”

Assure means “to give someone confidence.” The object of this verb should always refer to a person.

The examples of sentences that the book gives are:

I want to ensure [make certain] that nothing can go wrong tomorrow.

I want to insure this necklace [protect it against loss] for $5,000.

I want to assure you [give you confidence] that nothing will go wrong.

Are there any grammar rules, words, and/or phrases that trip you when you’re writing and/or speaking?


New Year…New Dedication to Blogging

When I set out on the publishing world on fire, one plan I had was to blog on a regular basis. As you can see I have not blogged since November…clearly my definition of “regular” is a bit off.

The truth is I found out that I totally dislike blogging…perhaps because I felt that I had to be super nice and watch what I say as a children’s book author. I wasn’t being truly authentic. The truth is I am nice (but not super nice) and sarcastic, and I have what some would call a “sick” sense of humor; however, I know not to behave this way in front of children.

So, I decided I am getting back to blogging for my adult readers. Perhaps I will do random book reviews. Perhaps I will post random grammar rules. Perhaps I will discuss what I think are funny occurrences (like when a little boy who was at an event I was at offered to show me his underwear), or thank people who have been extra nice or helpful to me, or ask for help with coming up with book marketing ideas (right now, I am looking into personalized puzzles and t-shirts), or tell you some funny things kids have said to me or said about the book. The bottom line is I am going to be me.

With that being said, I would like to say I got some really cool gifts for Christmas, including the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. I look forward to trying it. (It’s no surprise that I haven’t tried this yet—I am so behind that I have not seen many movies past 1995.) And my awesome dad, who has done a lot of wood work over the years, made me a plaque. It’s my favorite gift ever, and I am not being sarcastic about that!








How awesome is my dad?!

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